26 April, 2009

Hearing different languages, being introduced to cultures, acknowledging their values, and looking into people's eyes will change your outlook. To me the world seems a little smaller, my woes trivial in comparison to some.
6 Billion Others
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The atmosphere at dusk inside the exposition resembled a fair ground, the Grand Palais illuminated in a candlelight glow by chandeliers dangling from long ropes of cord. I warmed my hands on a gifted cup of mint tea and settled on a wooden bench inside. Each of the dozen yurts posed a different question: What are you most afraid of? What is your first memory? How can you sustain love? Standing before the camera those people of the world seemed much like me. I marveled at the beauty of others that were terribly different and could have spent all day in the company of so many strangers.

An abbreviated version of 6 Billion Others available online. Invited to become a part of this social study, a web cam awaits your monologue. I scribed a first memory into the guestbook.

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