30 October, 2006

Sainte-Chapelle is bathed in a radiant glow as sunlight streams through an intricate latticework of stained glass, painting the floor in mosiac.
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22 October, 2006

As if trapped in a surreal spiderweb, the Pantheon has been draped in Brazillian artist Ernesto Neto's multi sensory installation "Leviathan Thot" for le Festival D'Automne a Paris.
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17 October, 2006

Modern for its time, built in Second Empire Architecture, the Grand Salle of the Richelieu Bibliotheque Nationale de France was inaugurated in 1868, serving as Paris' primary library until the 1980's. Posted by Picasa

09 October, 2006

Meander through alleys of antiques at the Marche aux Puces where would-be discarded treasures wear exorbitant price tags. Posted by Picasa